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Our team is a well-functioning family of highly-experienced and professional designers, landscapers and gardeners. We all believe the future of gardening is here and we can make a difference, together with you. That is why we offer an all-inclusive service from designing through building to maintaining your garden, all in an eco-friendly way.

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Our mission

What can we personally do to fight climate change? We can be eco-friendly by choosing what type of garden we have. The way you treat your outdoor space can have a huge impact on our environment.

At North Hill Gardens we are proud to be pioneers in adopting eco-friendly ways and technologies in gardening.

Let's see what makes us different!


All things start at the office, where we are reducing our carbon footprint by using less paper. We always keep in contact by e-mails and phone calls with the customers. Only using paper when it is absolutely necessary and strictly recycling everything we can is a process thateveryone in the office follows day by day.


We are always working with local suppliers and materials reducing our travels and supporting Scottish economy.


We are using natural materials whenever we can, which means we are fighting against the usage of concrete. Using less concrete means having less areas covered in a material which cannot absorb water.


What could be a better solution against climate change than bringing back more greenery to the cities than ever before? A big part of the future of gardening is bringing back the perennials. Imagine having a garden that brings itself to life every year. Having them is not only good for the environment but makes your garden low maintenance and beautiful to look onto. Flower meadows are a very important feeding and nesting ground for insects, birds and small animals.


A rain garden is to help managing the rainwater after downpours. These gardens are not just eco-friendly but also low maintenance and give shelter for wildlife.


A rapidly spreading feature in interiors and exteriors lately is the living wall. It is simply a vertical garden, a wall covered in plants! Similar to the living walls are the green roofs. When your roof is covered with vegetation, you have many benefits including improving water quality, conserving energy and reducing noise and air pollution.


From all of these methods of bringing more and more plants into your garden, you can have one very important result: increasing urban biodiversity. Colourful plants attract and give home to bees. Fact: Bees have been declared the most important living beings on the planet in 2019. Let's save the bees together!

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