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heart of Scotland

North Hill have been providing comprehensive landscape design, construction and maintenance services within Glasgow, Edinburgh and the wider central-belt since 2008. Our team specialises in transforming outdoor spaces to enhance the built environment, improve your quality of life and increase your properties value; as well as making contributions towards wildlife conservation and sustainability. Our design studio works with both private and commercial clients of all sizes to create bold, considered and timeless landscapes, whilst our team of in-house industry specialists collaborate closely to design and realise some of Scotland’s most beautiful gardens.

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Our mission

At North Hill, we like to do things differently. We believe that our gardens and outdoor spaces should be considered as much as our interior spaces. We see so many gardens that are undervalued or unappreciated, and we aim to change that.

Let’s see what makes us different!

• Our ethos

North Hill Gardens is committed to transform how people use their gardens and outdoor spaces. For us, each design is an opportunity to create a unique set of ideas which are perfectly crafted and curated to meet the specific requirements of each and every client. We want our gardens and outdoor spaces to be seen as natural extensions of the indoor, allowing everyone to benefit from the outdoors all year round.

• How we work

First of all, gaining insight into the requirements of each and every project is essential in allowing us to fully understand every environment we work in. This is why we undertake a thorough consultation with every client before we start each project. Once we are in the studio and ready to start the design, we undertake a comprehensive design process. This includes several stages which can include:

  • Research
  • Concept creation
  • 3D modelling
  • Creation of planting schemes
  • Fabrication of a catalogue of technical documentation
  • Crafting a set of 3D visuals
  • Making a design presentation, allowing clients to fully understand the new design

By having an eye for detail, including thoughtful consideration and in-depth analysis, we can create designs which are like no other.

• Why we do it

The climate crisis is changing the way we must think about our effect on the environment. For the everyday person, it often feels like the ability to make any significant impact is out of our hands. However, this could not be further from the truth. Protecting, enriching and accommodating the natural environment, along with all its inhabitants is one of the best things almost all of us can do. By reducing the quantity of hard surfaces and introducing more planting into your garden, we create new habitats for insects, birds and small animals. The best benefit is you get to enjoy sharing your garden with them too! Our team of landscape architects and botanists work hand in hand to find the best ways we can in cooperate wildlife into our outdoor spaces.

• Who we are

The North Hill Gardens group consists of three companies, each with its own purpose: Design, Build and Maintain. The Design studio is primarily office based and consists of a team of highly talented and experienced Landscape Architects. Each team member has a unique background, which informs their approach and allows us to share our knowledge and expertise in order to create the best design-led solutions.
Our construction team consists of a large group of skilled and experienced tradesmen. This includes carpenters, welders, stone masons and of course, landscapers. The team are a friendly and hardworking bunch who have a wide set of skills, enabling them to complete every job to the highest possible standards. Everything we create is built to last.
Our maintenance team is under our sister company – Grassgo. The key to any successful garden or landscape is effective maintenance. Our team of gardeners and botanists have a vast knowledge of plants and the natural environment, allowing them to deliver regular maintenance to our private and commercial clients. They also complete one off planting or clearance projects when required

• Where do we work?

North Hill Gardens is based in Glasgow. The majority of our clients are based here and in the surrounding areas; however, we have recently expanded to cover Edinburgh, Fife and much of the central belt. We also undertake projects further afield; having completed works as far away as the west coast Isles, and even the Highlands.

• When can we start?

Do you have a project we can help with? Our contact form allows you to drop us a quick line, or if you’d prefer to speak to someone in person, feel free to give us a call for an informal chat!

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