We care: Because
Smart design is the key

How do we work
at North Hill Gardens?

Are you thinking about redesigning your garden? By checking around, you have already made the first step. Now you just have to contact us and we can start working on your outdoor space and preferences. All great things start with some planning, that's why at North Hill Gardens we follow our timetested and proved to be successful process from the first moment to the last of every single project. This can be divided into a few steps as follows.

Our customer service model



We can definitely help you building a beautiful and liveable social place that you will be happy with and proud to use all over the year but we need some information first. In this step we view your garden and discuss the requirements you have. We need an accurate survey of your existing garden before we can begin the transformation. At this point we collect the first up-front payment which is the design fee and the amount depends on the size and complexity of the garden.



At this stage we share our ideas. You will be shown 1 or 2 different designs which you can choose from or simply enhance the elements you like and we put the changes into motion. Our Landscape designers work over the clock to make sure they create something for you that is equally practical and elegant.



Before any work begins, we collect 30% up-front from -the final price. Our experienced team will complete all ground works and you will be regularly visited by your designer to ensure everything goes according to plans.



Once all ground works are completed the appropriate plants will arrive and we start planting them. Different plants have to be handled differently and we ensure that our team of experienced horticulurists plants them with care and the knowledge that will allow them to be the jewel of your garden for a very long time.


The final

The project is completed! Your designer visits you to make sure you are absolutely happy with the result. At this point you will be given our general guarantee conditions and this is the part when you pay the outstanding balance for our services. You will have a last visit with Michael which also contains a photo session of your garden.

Booking our team in advance is also available. A payment of £1000+Vat can be paid to secure the start date which is deducted from the final invoice.